Discover the true flavor of Xibal Gins with these magically crafted cocktails.
Xibal Fizz
1.5 oz Xibal Gin1 oz Orange Juice1/4 oz Lemon Juice1 Egg White0.5 oz Sugar Syrup2 tbsp of Milk Cream
Pink Lady
Learn how to make a perfect Pink Lady Ingredients Preparation Place the ingredients in the shaker along with the red fruits and press them lightly, add ice and shake, serve in a coupe glass and decorate with dried bay leaves.
Equinox Sun
Learn how to prepare an Equinox Sun. A cocktail inspired by our citrus notes, botanicals and the magical light of the equinox.
Equinox Cenit
A Gin & Tonic ready to be enjoyed and prepared in a legendary way. Enjoy it as you deserve with Xibal Equinox.
Equinox Moon
An extraordinary cocktail that you can prepare to enjoy the unique flavor of Xibal Equinox. Preparation: